About Me

So you would like to know a little bit about me, huh? Where to begin… I am a writer. I have always been a writer. Writing is my stress relief and my creativity, it is the bread to my butter, it is… me.

When I decided to create Time for Renewal, I had been going through a bit of a rough patch. To put it simply, I was feeling lost. One weekend I stumbled upon a blog post about how blogging can change your life which really caught my eye. At the end of the post, the author threw down the gauntlet and challenged her readers to put themselves out there and start writing to see for themselves how a blog can change someone’s life. All of a sudden something clicked. It was like the clouds parted and shed light on my laptop, guiding me to the glorious… ok that may be a little overdramatic, but it really did come together in one clear moment. After hitting a plateau and realizing that I had lost touch with myself and my lust for life, I decided to take on this challenge and start writing.

I wasn’t sure where this blog would go and, to be honest, I still don’t know. Developing this site is my journey and I am going wherever it leads me. This is my way of revitalizing my life and reconnecting with those pieces of me that I have lost touch with. To truly accomplish this I need to feed my passions to keep myself from ending up in that steady plateau. In my opinion, it is essential to have a voracious appetite for life. If you aren’t doing everything possible to feed that appetite by continually reinventing yourself and growing as an individual, you end up floating through life instead of experiencing it. That is a mistake I refuse to make.

This project is all about self-renewal through the things that bring me joy. Renewing my connection with myself, renewing my lust for writing, renewing my passion for new flavors, this is where it starts. So follow me down the rabbit hole, won’t you? I guarantee it will be a fantastic ride.

For the article that inspired this whole adventure: http://msmorphosis.com/blogging-can-change-your-life







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