New Beginnings

It’s been a while since I went back to that pensive writing that starting my whole journey into the blogosphere. So what better than a new post to kick off a new direction to Time for Renewal. Time for Renewal has been extraordinary project thus far. I have discovered things about myself that I had long forgotten and miraculously, my life seemed to slowly fall into place as the blog grew. I went back to cooking and baking, discovering new flavors, and revisiting memories in the kitchen that I cherish. I have started a site based on raising awareness about the world of trafficking, an interest that I discovered once I hit college and started to narrow down my focus.

So where has all this led me? It has led me to three sites, an amazing new job, and a renewed passion in life. Not to mention dragging my hubby and puppy along with me for the ride (thank God they both still love me). I also dragged some friends through this whole mess with me. I met some new friends. And I started to grow apart from some old friends. There has been a lot of change in the last year but I am grateful for it. The changes and challenges have helped me reveal something new about myself that I had either forgotten about or simply never knew to begin with.

So what’s all this nonsense about new beginnings?

Well, I started this blog back in January and had no idea where it would lead. Now the site has become two different worlds, one dedicated to me and my thoughts and one dedicated to my love of food. Therefore, I am separating the two.

Whaaaaaaat???? This is soooooo confusing!

I know, it’s not the easiest thing to accept, especially for my amazing followers. But TRUST ME, there is a method to my madness and you will all LOVE it.

First, Time for Renewal is MOVING. Time for Renewal will continue to be my personal outlet, full of thoughts, quotes, images, and videos that feed the soul. Here’s the new link:

To follow me on Time for Renewal (the new site), enter your email in the right-hand Follow Me section after following the link above.

Second, FOOD. Well the food portion of this site never really had a name. So I am giving it one, along with its own site to feed all you foodies out there like me. The new site dedicated to ALL THINGS FOOD is Cake ‘n’ Knife. Here is the new link for that one:

To follow me on Cake ‘n’ Knife, enter your email in the right-hand Follow Me section after following the link above. You will also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

I really REALLY hope that all of my followers will continue to follow me on one (or both) of my new sites, depending on what your interests are of course. Just know that I am moving all my site content with me so any new posts will be on these two new sites.

I am so so SO excited about these changes! You are going to love the new sites and the re-branding of Time for Renewal.



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