Denver Food and Wine Classic Recap

All I can say is that I am attending this event EVERY YEAR from now on. Seriously, how did I not know about this event before?? I have obviously led an incredibly sheltered life…

The endless sea of food, wine, and spirits gave my hubby and I one of the best day dates we have had since… well to be honest, since our trip to Europe a couple of years ago.

A gorgeous array of Patron drinks served right at the entrance, I knew this was my kind of event immediately…

The food took my breath away….

This was the BEST thing I ate all day… I am going to have to start driving up to Pub 17 every day for this flatbread (this is my weakness for goat cheese talking by the way).

Lemon Blueberry Creme Brulee…

Shrimp Arancini…

And wine… so much wine…

There were so many beautiful ice sculptures! I was in awe, I just wish I could have seen how they were made.

This chocolate liqueur was the smoothest, rich, delectable spirit I have ever tasted…

Overall, an absolutely gorgeous Denver afternoon. If only I could do this every weekend… I guess I will just have to settle for every year…


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