Oh Mexico…

Oh Mexico, how I adore thee when the sun is bright, the ocean is blue, and the food and drinks flow freely…

The most difficult thing about all-inclusive resorts is the fact that you are always in the ocean or the pool so bringing your camera along to document your trip just doesn’t happen. However I did manage to capture at least a few pictures to share with you all (I swear I am not trying to make you jealous! Ok maybe just a little bit… 😉 ).

Gorgeous sunset

LOVE the blue water in Cancun.

Dolphin! No I didn’t swim with them, I just watched them. A lot.

Another beach photo, one of the few I remembered to get.

We were lucky enough to celebrate a wedding while we were down there! I just love her hair… and her flower… and her overall awesomeness…

View from our room at the second resort we stayed at; again, do you see how blue that water is?!

Oh yes, there was a lighted dance floor… IT ROCKED.

A tiny glimpse of the beautiful wedding table decorations. And quite literally the last picture on my camera from the trip. 🙂


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