Balls of Heaven

When I lived in Italy, I was in love with two things – the Italian language and, of course, the FOOD. Every day walking the streets of Rome was a festival of gorgeous flavors and smells. The fresh markets were always filled with an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and bread (not to mention inexpensive unlike the farmer’s markets I visit here). Nothing brought me more joy than treating myself to some new food and walking through the streets soaking in the sights and sounds as the Italian language playfully floated to my ears. Aside from gelato, one of my favorite things to eat were arancini. For those of you who aren’t familiar with arancini, they are fried balls of rice and cheese and whatever little extras people wanted to add. They have an amazing crunchy exterior and are filled with warm joyful goodness inside. YUM.

Arancini have to be one of my absolute favorite comfort foods (this week hasn’t been so great so making these was how I turned my frown upside-down. Yes I just said that. You know you love it.). Most importantly, it’s fried – that’s a win right there. Then, after breaching the crispy outer layer, your mouth is filled with warm ooey-gooey cheesy rice…. Again i must say YUM. Ready to try some? Here’s your shopping list: rice, mozzarella, bread crumbs, an egg, and vegetable oil for frying. Easy, right?

When they finish frying and dunk one into some tomato sauce and take that first bite. It’s… absolutely wonderful. It’s magical. It is as if all your worries are gone and you feel as though you could curl up and float away without a care in the world.

OK now I am starting to salivate… Soak in some pictures while I track down some arancini… or a napkin.

No wonder Italians are so happy. With arancini (and gelato and lasagna and pizza and… you get the idea right?), those damn Italians have it made!


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