Writer’s Block

I am experiencing massive writer’s block right now and I am quite literally groaning in frustration. I am desperately digging into the depths of my brain, trying to pull some glorious nugget of inspiration out of the space in my skull. My friends, the search is not going well. I thought the mini vacation I returned from yesterday would be a time for me to relax and let the creative thoughts bubble to the surface, much like the bubbles in the hot tub I spent so much time in. Yet the spare moments I had were not filled with writing like I had planned, they were filled with trying to figure the basics of starting your own website. At least I can say I know the basics of domains and hosting now, right?

Back to my infuriating writers block… I suppose I am a little distracted by the pain I am experiencing right now. Probably because that pain is in every part of my body. Have you ever been snowboarding? If not, imagine strapping a long board to both feet and pointing it down a snowy mountain. Then add some falling and attempts at stopping which result in falling. That’s the experience, more specifically the experience for a beginner. I am currently learning and wow… I never knew I had so many different muscles. I can feel every muscle with every movement (it is making everyday functionality a little more difficult, to say the least). I assume when you get better at this whole snowboarding thing, your muscles don’t ache as much…

Thankfully yesterday, after a couple of days rest from my first attempt of the year, I made it down the mountain multiple times without falling – an unbelievable accomplishment for me considering the ridiculous amount of falls I took on Saturday. The sick thing is, despite the pain, I am ready to go back for more. I am starting to feel like a real snowboarder. You know, one of those people who spends every penny on the newest gear and says things like “Pow pow gnar gnar!” Note: If you ever catch me seriously talking like that, please for the love of all that is holy, slap me. Slap me hard.

It’s nice to finally embrace some aspect of winter. Why it took me 12+ years in Colorado to do so, I have no idea. To be honest, I am just thrilled to be pushing myself to learn something new and sticking with it to the end. The hardest part of learning anything whether it be a skill/language/etc is sticking with it. You really have to push yourself when it gets tough. This is why I wear my many bruises with great pride. Yes, my muscles are screaming at me and I have a gnarly bruise on my knee that contains all the colors of the rainbow, but I have never been happier! I got up after all those nasty falls determined to keep pushing myself to learn and improve. The more I learn and the more I succeed, the better I feel. I figure that’s a pretty simple way to keep myself happy, don’t you think?

I made a promise to myself a long time ago (inspired by both of my grandmothers) to never stop learning. I know there will always be  inevitable life lessons to learn and no one can every simply stop learning at work or in relationships. Yet, I want to push beyond that point. I want to experience as much as I can before my life ends and I don’t want to just experience it once and be done. No, I want to really dedicate myself to these new experiences. Like snowboarding, and baking, and writing, and learning a new language (the list goes on and on…). Get ready people, because I am jumping into life headfirst and I don’t care if I hit my head on the bottom of the pool with my first dive. I will just go right back up to that diving board and jump again. No wincing away and confining myself to the shallow end. Hell, I’ll probably go up to the next highest platform (those of you who know me are probably doubting this because of my extreme fear of falling from heights, but try to think metaphorically ok?).  I am going to push myself past the initial discomfort so I can get to those graceful Olympic-quality swan dives that look like so much fun.

Thankfully it looks like my writer’s block has effectively been cured… by writing… Coincidence? I think not…

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” –Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


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