The Lost Snow Day

Yesterday should have been a snow day… Even though there were reports of an epic blizzard all week long, I knew as I drifted off into a world of sleep the night before that I would not be one of the many lucky people who were filling my Facebook Newsfeed with cheerful posts about sleeping in or hitting the slopes… Just as I predicted, I woke up yesterday only to begrudgingly trudge through the snow to get to work while most of the city’s population stayed in their warm homes. Therefore I feel that I must dedicate this blog to a partial rant hoping that it will result in some sort of miraculous apparition of wisdom that will get me to my next day off. defines work as “the exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil.” Let’s break that down, shall we? First, do I work everyday to accomplish or produce something? Yes, I suppose that is a true statement. Though recently I go to work with a primary goal of getting through the day without pulling my hair out…. I would list this as an accomplishment in my book, so I suppose the definition still stands. Do I labor and toil at work? Endlessly. That would be an understatement. Well at least now I can rest at ease that I have adequately defined this work that I do every day. Do I feel better about my job yet? No. Let’s continue…

The physics equation for ‘work’ is as follows:

Work = Force x Distance

Force is very representative of my work. I am forced to perform tasks that drive me crazy, I am forced to tolerate certain individuals that will remain unnamed, and I am forced to feel like no matter what I do, there will always be a mess to clean up even if the mess isn’t mine to clean. Distance is expressed in the rapid expansion between where I am and where I want to be in my career. This distance is ever-expanding and therefore this would explain why my work seems to be increasing in both amount and level of stress. This definition of work seems to stand up as well. Unfortunately validating the fact that what I do every day actually is ‘work’ does not seem to be soothing my grief over a lost snow day…

I am sure you can all relate (at least a little bit. I hope. If not, please allow me a few minutes while I fling myself off a bridge). Work tends to be the one thing we force ourselves to “get through” 40+ hours a week. Every day when the inevitable new crisis rears its ugly head, I find myself reverting to my favorite prayer – “please god, just get me to 4:30pm on Friday.” (I know this is all a little overdramatic thus far, but if I can’t go over the top here, where can I?)

Now, let me throw this radical idea out there for you… What if you actually wanted to go to work every day? What if you could not only tolerate what you do for a living, you could actually enjoy it? You’re speechless too, right? It sounds like a dream, a magical existence filled with rainbows and sugar plums. Yet a couple nights ago I found myself in the presence of a person who actually enjoys this mythical fable. Listening as she described her day-to-day life was like a punch in the gut. I can tell you right now, it made getting through the rest of my work week insanely difficult.

Am I jealous? Naturally. I always thought the people who woke up in the morning excited to work would be millionaire sports players or actors/actresses. After a revealing conversation with my friend, I can now say with the utmost confidence that I have hope. I have faith that this magical world of career happiness could one day be mine. This is not a blind faith. If it can happen to one person, logically one would assume it could happen for others. Therefore, I will not just give up and resign myself to accepting that this is the end of my career path. I will charge forward and create my own path, just as I have resolved to do personally. My first step on this path is taking on a new project that I am extremely excited about. Though I will be making you wait in anticipation until the project is ready to be revealed, just know there is something great coming down the pipeline (really hoping I didn’t just set expectations too high…).

A quick final note, I recently moved my blog but I wanted to thank the person who posted the following quote on my previous site – “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” (George Bernard Shaw). This quote has really influenced the direction of this project. Thank you for the contribution, my fellow MSM reader!

To everyone else, please feel free to always share your thoughts and add to this forum. The more you share, the more we can all grow.


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